We cover all closing costs and there are no commissions.

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Our Story

A little more about our why
Why We Do What We Do

Driven By A Lot More Than Just Profits

Our motivation for creating DUO Ambitions, LLC developed as we expanded our financial education, realizing providing real estate solutions was the best arena to direct our passion: empowerment through knowledge. Not only is our goal to offer solutions for our clients, but it is also to educate and create opportunities – for the community, our investors, our peers, and our company, as we continuously grow together.

Our Goals Are Aligned With Yours

That’s Why It Works

DUO Ambitions’ aggressive approach to business, mirrors our goals to empower, be proactive and collaborate.
Relationships: Building long term business relationships by reflecting DUO Ambitions core values at every interaction: Motivation Innovation Growth Honesty and Trust
Growth: Acquire 1-2 properties per quarter to 1-2 properties per month within the first two years of business
Innovation: Commitment to continuous creativity
Value Proposition:
Presented with a fair CASH offer in 24 hours or less
Free from paying commission fees
NO stress having to deal with repairs
Ability to close quickly – for YOUR convenience

Nobody Likes A Bad Foundation

We Built Ours on Trust
High Standards

Our company always sets high standards for ourselves. It is our goal to give you the best possible solution for selling your house.

No-Obligation Offer

Every single one of our Offers is risk-free. You are under no obligation to us when you receive our offer. It is completely your choice to accept or decline when we present it to you.

Simple Process

There has never been an easier way to sell your house fast. Our house buying process is simple and easy making it the best option for you.

Why Sell To Us Vs Listing With A Local Real Estate Agent

Selling Your Home To Us

  • We Pay All The Closing Costs!
  • You Pay Absolutely No Commissions!
  • We Pay For All The Repairs!
  • You Never Have To Deal With Showings!
  • We Can Buy In As Little As 7 Days!
  • Close On The Date Of Your Choice!

Listing With An Agent

  • Seller Pays Around 2% of Closing Costs
  • An Average Of 6% Commissions Is Paid To The Agent
  • May Be Stuck With Repairs To Bring House To Livable Conditions
  • Have To Deal With Agents Showing Your House To Different Buyers
  • May Take Up To
    90 Days! Close When Your Buyer Is Ready

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